Who are your clients?

Our clients are typically older, disabled, incapacitated, and/or vulnerable adults—and are generally living along the Wasatch Front or in the surrounding areas. Our clients are referred to us from many sources including family members, trust officers, attorneys, and government agencies that deal with human services and/or abuse/exploitation.

Do we need a court appointment to use your services? 

No. Only Court Visitor and guardianship services require a court appointment. There is no need for a court appointment to have an assessment, consultation, care management, and/or power of attorney services.

What is the difference between a guardian and a conservator?

A guardian (sometimes called a “guardian of person”) is an individual or professional/corporate party that has been appointed by the Court to make decisions related to personal and healthcare matters for an incapacitated person; these decisions are typically non-financial in nature. read more »

Can we choose just some of the services?

Yes. Each client we serve has unique and special needs. Therefore, our services are custom-designed and tailored for every individual client.

What are your fees?

Fees are charged by the hour. Work is recorded by staff (team) members as services are rendered, and then billed at the end of the month. read more »

Can we schedule a free consultation to see if you can help us?

You may. One hour (no charge) consultations are offered (in our office) for the purpose of determining how we may help meet your loved one’s needs.