Assessments / Consulting

iStock_000022349331SmallWe often get calls from concerned family members or Trust Officers about how an older or vulnerable person is “really” functioning in their environment on a day-to-day basis. Callers often question whether the individual (of concern) is safe and/or whether they are able to meet their own daily needs, the answers to which are not generally obvious or clear. To make the situation even less clear, a vulnerable person’s coping/compensatory skills can help hide (as they intend) the deficits or problems that they are experiencing.

Having decades of experience in working with individuals with cognitive, mental health, functional, and/or physical deficits, we can help answer the questions, clarify the issues, and unravel the mystery. Additionally, we can set up a plan of care (and implement, if desired), either in the individual’s current environment or in a setting that is more appropriate for their level of need. Our goals are to ensure the safety and maximize the independence of the vulnerable individual, and reduce the worry and concern of the family member or Trust Officer.