Care Management

iStock_000021566956SmallIt may be that your loved one does not need a guardian because they still possess decision-making capacity. Still, you may have concerns about a possible decline in health, abilities and/or safety. Or you may simply feel that some degree of assistance is needed. Should this be your situation, the services of a care manager may be very helpful.

At its core, care management is a highly personalized service intended to maximize the vulnerable adult’s independence, quality of life, and safety. Care management professionals are proficient at cutting through the red tape of the healthcare and service systems and obtaining/coordinating/managing all of your loved one’s needs; pulling it altogether, so to speak. The service is often especially beneficial for elderly persons with adult children who live far away–or even those that live nearby–but simply lack the time and/or the expertise to manage the care needs of a parent. Families have described our services as their “boots on the ground” when, for whatever reason, they were unable to attend to their loved one’s needs.

Just as a general contractor hires, supervises, and coordinates the builders, plumbers, and electricians when building a house–a care manager hires, supervises, and coordinates any care services, home maintenance services, or other assistance, as directed by the client or family. By retaining a care manager, you hire one (versus multiple) service(s). Or, care management services (alone) may be all that is needed. Every client situation is different. Specific. Unique.

You may wish to contact the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) at (520) 881.8008 or for additional information about care management. The ALCA is a nonprofit professional organization that advances professional geriatric care management through education, collaboration, and leadership. After screening and accepting its members, the organization lists care manager members throughout the United States in an online directory (information which can also be attained through a telephone call). Therefore, the ALCA may be very valuable to you in your quest for locating a care manager.